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  • 20171102
    I constantly struggle with setting goals and sticking to them in regards to my gaming. In the past I've created trackers that you would think would influence which games i play but guess what, it doesn't. I recently downloaded my game collection to my computer and thought I'd pick off the low hanging fruit first. I was able to knock a couple off but then it got tedious. Something has to change because I never really feel like I accomplished much on a monthly basis.

    One example would be Rainbow Six: Vegas... I loved playing this game as a group. When we completed the multiplayer stuff...

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  • 20171004
    So I've decided to start tracking things a bit better in an attempt to keep all pertinent information in the same areas. I'll most likely update this on a weekly basis as it'll tie in with our Monday and Friday sessions. Let's start off with Monday nights...

    Monday Night Social Club - Halo 4
    Current State: Starting Level 4: Infinity
    Goals: Finish up the campaign and discuss with the group about any desire to work on the free DLC.

    Friday Night Games With Gold - Rainbow Six: Vegas

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  • 20170920
    So I'm not really sure what possessed me to sign up for UHH 3... I like the idea but seeing as I play 3 nights a week already, it just doesn't leave me enough time to work on the games that I was given. My list isn't all that hard but some of them could require longer playthroughs. Seeing as this isn't an elimination round, I might go for whatever I can unlock easily and then move on. Or I may just throw in the towel and play the games I want to play. I will say though, I started playing RYSE: Son of Rome last night and I thoroughly enjoyed it. If I didn't have as many games as I do right now to...

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  • 20170505
    007: Quantum of Solace
    101 Days To Die
    A World of Keflings
    Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation
    Adventure Pop
    Aegis Wing
    Age of Empires: Castle Siege (iOS)
    AirMech Arena (Xbox 360)
    NEW - Akai Katana
    Alan Wake
    Albedo: Eyes from Outer Space
    Alone In The Dark
    Angry Birds Star Wars (Xbox 360)
    Aqua: Naval Warfare
    NEW - Arcania
    Army of TWO

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  • 20170703
    So I ended up deciding to give the Game Pass a try and starting picking off the lower hanging fruit. This included games like Sega Vintage Collection: Golden Axe, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Dig Dug, Pac Man CE DX+ and I've started a couple of other games. It's not a bad service but I believe that going forward I'm going to play some of the games that might take longer first. Games like Resident Evil 0.

    On another topic, as part of my single player Alphabet Challenge I finally finished off the SP stuff in Assassin's Creed III. I only have the multiplayer stuff which from what I read,...

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  • 20170515
    I think I'm going to do a bi-monthly report of sorts. Just stating what I've been playing and/or what my gaming goals will look like for the next half of the month.

    With that said, I've been playing the following...

    Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel... I've enjoyed playing this although it's been limited due to the co-op time that Greg and I have. We actually had Rob join in once but it was right when I was about to log off. Looking forward to playing this one some more. I don't get the same feeling as the past Borderlands games but it's fun none the less.

    FIFA 12......

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  • 20170419
    So @JohnPicklewilly and I have started a little personal challenge to work on some of our backlog and completion percentages, we are calling it the A - Z Challenge. This challenge is open to everyone and we'll be going down the list attempting to knock off as many achievements as possible while having fun. Our goal isn't to complete every game because quite honestly, some games are just way too grindy and I believe Greg and I are in agreement that we play to have fun and grindy-type games suck...

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  • 20170224
    So as you already must know, we've been working on Burnout Paradise for our Monday and Friday night sessions and have made pretty good success. I feel like we're getting to the end of whatever boosting might be done. I personally only need the online rivals as well as the 8 player specific achievements and then the rest is Single Player.

    Speaking of single player I was a little overwhelmed when I saw I was going to need about 120 wins in races, road rages and other events but I've got to say... it hasn't been that bad so far. The other night I was on with

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  • 20170124
    I've been having a blast playing Minecraft with the group as well as Burnout Paradise. I'm not sure I'm looking for a completion in BP but I definitely am making some progress in my backlog with this game. The achievements I need don't seem to be all that bad or tough to obtain but not being all that great at racing games, this one could be a challenge. Last night I was able to knock out the 4 player challenge and the other night @mrtnmitchell &

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  • 20161215
    Just some random thoughts / topics...

    Going to see Rogue One tomorrow night with @techjedi and some other friends.

    Been loving playing Minecraft in our sessions. Looking forward to hopefully knocking them off our list but I sense time will be running short. Especially because I don't really know how long it'll take to get some of the remaining achievments.

    Console-shared with my buddy Christian and snagged Overwatch, Evolve, Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2, The Division...

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  • 20161206
    So the Minecraft sessions have been a blast. We've been creating a world that anywhere from 4 to 8 of us are working on. I think we've made a lot of progress but there is still so much to do. I find these sessions aren't so much about achievements but rather just creating and having a good time. Went mining with @JohnPicklewilly a couple of times and it's always fun to see where you end up. Last night we almost ended up in the chicken coop. The night before I tunneled my way into the middle...

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  • 20161118
    So I've been playing quite a bit of Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell with @JohnPicklewilly lately because we both had an achievement on our To-Do Lists for this. Mine was achieved pretty early on but JP's is going to take a bit longer. This is a game I could get lost in, I remember when @techjedi and I were playing SR III and this is every bit as much fun. I'm only about 10 achievements from completing...

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  • 20161027
    So, as some of you probably already know I've purchased a house and last week was basically spent on packing and moving. I'm happy to say we're pretty much all set in the new house with the exception of the garage... it's a mess but one I can live with for a bit. I figured I'd be saying goodbye to my streak due to the packing / moving but the iOS version of Minecraft saved me. Smile (I think I'm on 120 days.. my goal is 1,000 achievements though)

    On a gaming note, I was trying to formulate a plan for tackling...

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  • 20161003
    So let's start off with the To-Do List... it doesn't seem as my list is too difficult but a lot of the games that I got assigned I never really put much effort into so who knows what will happen once I actually start playing them. I haven't determined if I'm going to go for completion or just get to the point of the assigned achievement. I find that when I stop playing something I lose track of the gameplay and it makes it much tougher to get back into.

    Another achievement that @JohnPicklewilly...

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  • 20160915
    Servers being shut down really stink. I get the whole idea and totally understand it for games that are older but I still don't like it. Luckily of the games announced with closing servers I only had one of them... GRAW 2. I really hadn't put a whole heck of a lot of effort into it until recently and now I'm wishing I had. The good news is that I believe I'll be able to get all of the achievement prior to the server closing on September 24.

    Speaking of GRAW 2, I've enjoyed playing this game and would've probably enjoyed it more if I didn't HAVE to get the achievements done in a timely...

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  • 20160831
    Well, it took us a lot longer than I expected but Greg and I finished off Resident Evil 5 Desperate Escape last night. Overall the DLC wasn't bad but there were definitely some sections that were frantic. I typically don't like Quick Time Events and Timed sections so the last battle killed me. You have to survive for 5 minutes but when the timer gets down to 0, the helicopter pilot says he's going to be late and you have to hold out for an additional 2-3 minutes. We had made it to the second part a bunch of times but never got through it. Last night on our second try, we completed it. It was probably...

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  • 20160815
    So I've been playing a bit of The Witcher 2 and while I was ready to count this as a bad game, I quickly got engulfed into the game. I wouldn't say it's a great game but it's definitely worth playing. I'm not a fan of the mechanics as they seem a bit clunky but the achievement on my To-Do List seems achievable now.

    The other game I've been working on as part of the viral games thing on is Ratatouille. Unfortunately this is a game I'm going to have to play through again because I missed a couple of missable achievements. There are a ton of collectables and while...

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  • 20160808
    So the Bean Dive has been completed finally. Every game I own is now on my card and while it feels good, it also is a bit overwhelming with the amount of work I'll need to do to recover from it. It also made me realize just how many games I've got and that I should also never buy another game again. lol (we all know THAT isn't going to happen though) My next course of action is deciding which games I'm going to be working on. I've tried doing a tracker in the past and I've never kept to it. Mostly because the games I would play co-op would change. It feels like it's going to stabilize a bit so...

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  • 20160727
    I was supposed to take part in the Tuesday Night Boosting Club session last night but my stomach had other ideas. Seems like that one is going to be a grind so I'm not too worried to be honest. I did get on a little later because I couldn't sleep and was able to dive a couple more games. I did a really quick count and I think I've got close to 40 games I still have to dive. I'm getting a little ansy because I was to start recovering from the dive as soon as possible. I haven't decided how I'm going to attempt that feat but I may start with the low hanging fruit first. Games like Pac Man, Frogger,...

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  • 20160722
    I'm thinking this is going to be a very short blog entry. Not a whole heck of a lot going on here although I did pop a couple of achievements before work and both of them are part of my bean dive.. I think the total games dived is 92 now and I've still got my Xbox One games to do.

    The plan is to work on my Xbox One games this evening before or after our session. Although if anyone is staying on after the session, I'd much rather work on something co-op or MP. I think I've lost count of the Xbox One games I have to dive but I'm guessing there could be somewhere in the range of 30-40 more...

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  • 20160705
    I've been jumping into my backlog a bit more lately and it's by design. When I joined the site Achievement Hounds awhile back I got involved in their contests and it was fun. It began to consume any time playing games into specific games for the site... that is when it became more like work. At that point I pretty much fell off the contest bandwagon until the Great Random To Do List Challenge. It was a yearly event of 100 random achievements and while I was able to knock off about 70 of them, some of them were just too tough. It was fun though and it actually forced me into playing games I wouldn't...

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  • 20160718
    I haven't been able to put a lot of time into my bean dive lately but I'm getting there. I'm pretty close to finishing up the 360 games and then it's onto the Xbox One games which I don't think will be all that bad.

    I've made a decision though, I think I'm going to focus my attempts at boosting games with MP first and foremost. That way I can knock the stuff out and won't have to worry about servers or anything like that. Ideally I'd like to have a partner to work on these with but if no one is willing, I'll attempt to find some peeps from TA.

    This weekend I worked on the...

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  • 20160714
    So I'm still working on my bean dive and I'd have to say I'm at least halfway through if not more. I decided to work on my 360 collection first so it's been quite the grind. I've got some Kinect titles remaining along with a couple others that were purchased digitally and then I'll begin to work on my Xbox One collection.

    Seeing all these games on my tag is nice but the work I have ahead of me is somewhat overwhelming. I know I'll never complete my backlog but if I can get most of it to 50%, I'll be a happy man. It did get me to thinking a bit more and I think I'm going to attempt to...

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  • 20160708
    > The Super - Headshot an evading opponent. This one is down to luck most of the times. Your best bet is to do it with the Gnasher Shotgun. Aim at your friend's head and, as soon as he evades left or right, shoot.

    > Rear Guard - Survive every round of Wingman.

    > Monkey Dog - 2 or more enemies that you stunned were killed. On wave 1, ask a friend to use a ticker. Down a Stranded. Another one should come and revive him. As soon as he does, scream with your Wretch (press X) and you should stun both. Then the person using the ticker blows them up and ribbon unlocked.

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  • 20160708
    So due to being assigned an achievement in Kinect Fruit Ninja I figured this was going to be an easy one. I started it up and had to adjust some settings on my Kinect due to it not being used in quite some time. After awhile I got it all set up and I was ready to go. The A/C was off because it wasn't overly hot but that didn't last long. I attempted to gain the achievement close to 50 times before finally getting it. And yes, about halfway through I was sweating bullets. Needless to say my arms were killing me for 2-3 days after. (this happened earlier this week) None the less, it was fun but made...

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  • 20160627
    So this weekend was a really busy one but I did get a big chunk of time to game on Saturday as the wife was at our friends daughters graduation party and I had to wait for my step-son to get home. Sunday was church and then VBS setup followed by my step-son's half brother's birthday party. By the time I got home I was pretty wiped out.

    In an effort to attempt to take another shot at one of my to-do list achievements I started playing Destiny again and it was a lot of fun. I really look back at me not really giving this one a shot. I don't know that I'm going to go all in on this one...

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  • 20160622
    So this past weekend I was able to finish up the professional playthrough of Resident Evil 5 with JPW. There were a couple of challenging parts... mostly quicktime events although the ogre dude throwing the boudler gave us a run for our money as did Wesker / Jill. In the end, I think we can say we were both satisfied. This gave me a completion of the base game.

    JPW and I have also decided to work on the Lost In Nightmares and Desperate Escape DLC. We both don't have the Versus DLC but it's rather cheap and I'm guessing it's going to bug me not having 2/3 of the DLC's completed. But then...

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  • 20160617
    So lately @JohnPicklewilly and I have been playing Resident Evil 5 and I've been having a blast. We've run into some quick time events on Veteran and while it was frustrating, it wasn't anything we couldn't handle. When we completed the Veteran playthrough it felt very good but I wasn't sure how the Professional playthrough would do. Well, we're about halfway through (I think we hit level 4-2 out of 6-3 last night) and I've got to say, there was really only one part that I wasn't sure we were...

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  • 20160614
    So last night Greg and I were working on Resident Evil 5 and while we completed the game on Veteran we've still got a ways to go. It's been fun though. The only thing I've got issues with are the quick time events. I'm not sure how it's going to be on Professional but on Veteran it was pretty tough. We don't have any specific plans on when we're going to get back to it but it's been fun getting Greg some achievements and also working towards my game completion once I complete the campaign on Professional.

    I felt like last night was a much needed break from Gears 2 Annex. It does bug...

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  • 20160608
    Was playing some more Vancouver 2010 last night and I made some pretty good progress. I've got 2 more challenges which seem almost impossible and then I have some Olympic events along with some MP stuff. I put a message on TA and have a partner to work on these but just have to coordinate it.

    Joined in on the Xbox party working on Far Cry 2 and it felt a little uncomfortable. I've got myself to blame but JPW made me as comfortable as possible. We talked about which game we're going to work on after RE5 but we've got a ways to go first. Once we get through the veteran playthrough we'll...

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  • 20160606
    Well, vacation er... staycation is over and it's back to work. Luckily I've got help for my first two days back and I don't have to work on Friday because I took a personal day for my wife's birthday but shhhh, she doesn't know I took it off. It'll be a surprise.

    Over my vacation I had given myself a personal goal of working on some of my backlog and I'd have to say that I made pretty good progress on it. I was able to finish off Cabela's Trophy Bucks which isn't a hard game but it wasn't overly exciting either. (I'll be adding this one to the list of games I'll loan out... it's a pretty...

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  • 20160531
    So I think this is going to be a really short update because I don't find myself online all that much during my time away from work. Nothing really planned for this week besides some smaller stuff. My wife and I are going for a hike today and then maybe out to a local hot dog place. We might even hit up a mini golf place but we really haven't decided yet. Tomorrow I've got lunch with a fellow church member and I think Thursday I'm going to my mother's and then installing a clothesline for my wife. Friday I don't have anything planned and it'll more than likely be my chill out day.


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  • 20160523
    How's that for a catchy tagline? In all seriousness I found myself at a strange point yesterday. Last Thursday at work I hurt my back and basically have been pretty immobile since Friday after work. Anyway, long story short... on Sunday when I was looking for something to play, I couldn't really come up with anything and that is sad because I've got over 150 games that need to be completed or as close to it as possible. I ended up playing some Gears 2 to experiement with the X1 backwards compatibility then moved onto DreamWorks Super Kartz and it's fun but way too repetitive. I'll be happy to finish...

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  • 20160519
    I've been thinking about how this group has been so awesome and also while I would love to see our site get really big, I also like how small and close knit we all seem to be. I really do enjoy gaming with you all and look forward to many sessions down the road.

    Something has been bugging me lately and I've been searching for an answer to it. Awhile back Mitch and I started boosting Far Cry 2. We spent many nights trading kills between the two of us. Anyway, along the way we were able to sucker talk JPW and Dudette to join us. It's been going on for quite...

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  • 20160516
    So last night I finished up playing Prototype 2 and while it was good to complete it, I'll miss running up the side of a building and jumping like 25 stories in the air. Now that I think of it, this game was a mix of Crackdown and Saints Row 4.

    Having finished this one off, it allowed me to start playing DreamWorks Super Kartz or something like that. It's ok but there is something missing. I was playing with Trevor so I was pretty easily beating him. I did have some issues with the AI at the beginning but that was more or less because I had no clue what I was really doing. This is going...

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  • 20160510
    Some ideas I have thrown out there are really starting to materialize and it's getting exciting. I think a friendly competition would be a pretty good thing. Plus it gives some people bragging rights. Smile Needless to say, they can be somewhat time consuming at times.

    During the above process I downloaded my game collection via TA and well, it's a lot worse than I thought. I've basically got 250+ backlogged games. I really want to start working on my backlog more... making it more of a priority. I've been...

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  • 20160503
    Some changes might be in the works for me and my gaming schedule. I'm trying to work out a schedule that works for me, my wife and my family and it seems that lately I've been spending too much time gaming and not enough family time. I plan on definitely keeping up with the Monday and Friday night sessions but Tuesday nights are either going to be limited or I might miss them.

    Another idea or thought I've been having is changing my focus on completing games to just working on the MP stuff first (making it a priority) when gaming. Since the announcement of the retiring of the Xbox 360...

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  • 20160425
    So over the weekend I was able to complete Cars Mater-National which wasn't on my backlog due to it being a viral game. It wasn't a bad game and it was pretty easy so I guess it was worth it. Unfortunately I wasn't able to work on any of the games I really wanted to work on but I'll keep pumping away at these viral games and at some point I'll be able to dive back into RAGE or some other game.

    Next up on my list was Tornado Outbreak which is a really easy game with the exception of 1 achievement. In playing through the game last night I've basically beat the campaign and now I need to...

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  • 20160421
    So as some of you might or might not know, I've been playing The Peanuts Movie: Snoopy's Grand Adventure and while it's a really easy game, there are a TON of collectibles. Last night I figured I would hop on to try and finish this game off and boy was I wrong. While attempting to look for a solution or video I learned there a 6,500 jellybeans in the game to collect. Needless to say I wasn't able to finish it off but I am almost there. I only have 2 chapters left which I'm hoping to finish off at some point soon.

    I've also been thinking about this group and how much fun I've had over...

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  • 20160418
    So over the weekend I didn't get a whole lot of gaming in but I was finally able to finish off Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark. The last couple of achievements were really grindy but all in all, I really enjoyed this game and it wasn't too tough.

    Unfortunately I've got a backlog of games that I've got to get to before playing anything else. These include...

    • The Peanuts Movie: Snoopy's Grand Adventure
    • Cars Mater-National
    • Tornado Outbreak
    • Prototype 2

    Once I've completed these I plan on going back...

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  • 20160413
    I figured it was about time to create a blog since most of the site seems fairly functional. We've still got some work to do but I'm liking it more and more with any of the changes Jamie has been working on. So, let get onto some gaming stuff...

    Far Cry 2 *COMPLETED*
    Worked on this with JohnPicklewilly, Ms Dudette and mrtnmitchell and was finally able to unlock the Warlord achievement but the glitch was a bit glitchy. While this game is complete, I will still be helping out with the rest of the crew...

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