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  • 20170918
    Hey there, casual buddies. I sure hope everybody had a grand summer. I know I did. There's nothing like working 60+ hours a week to get the blood pumping. Now that summer is over, more or less, I actually have a little time on my hands to game again. Hopefully I'll be able to drop in a few sessions with you guys more on the reg and knock out some achievements.

    So, yeah, short and sweet. If you see me online, drop a line. Even if we're not playing the same game I'm down to chat.

    Oh, and pick up Destiny 2. I've been grinding away at that beast recently.


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  • 20170609
    BAM!! Completed the Alphabet Challenge this evening over on TA. I have to give a shout out to the Windows 10 version of Minecraft. Thirteen achievements came from that game. Exactly half. I also have to give a shout out to
    Itzz Sh0wt1m3 on TA. His walkthrough is awesome. All I had to do was download a couple worlds off Drop Box and follow the path and instructions. It is super possible to get most of the achievements in less than an hour.

    Good luck to anybody who is going for it.


    Here's the breakdown:

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  • 20170523
    In the hectic scene that is my life I recently managed to 100% Costume Quest 2. It was sitting there in my back log and I figured I wouldn't need too much brain power to work my way through it. Twelve hours later I was finished and had managed to get all the achievements.

    Costume Quest 2 apparently picks up where the first one left off. Four children - Wren, Reynold, Lucy, and Everett - are in another dimension full of wormholes. Eventually they choose one to go through and end up going home. You find yourself controlling either Wren or Reynold during a Halloween block party. Things...

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  • 20170508
    I finished up Mass Effect Andromeda the other day after 100+ hours of playtime. I have to say it's nice to get into a Mass Effect game again, although we leave the old Milky Way behind and have a brand new galaxy to explore and shoot aliens in: Andromeda.

    The basic premise is that the different races, Human, Turian, Salarian, etc., are looking to settle into another galaxy. There is really no concrete reason given for this mass exodus from the Milky Way, but hey, I'll play along. Before leaving the Milky Way several "Golden Worlds" were discovered and chosen to be the initial...

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  • 20170419
    Hey casual friends. It has been a while and oh how my life has been flipped all around. This will be a short and sweet little update for you all just to let you know I am here and still thinking about you guys.

    Okay, so my mother passed away earlier this year on February 10th. You may have seen me online playing this or that, but not really joining in any reindeer games. That is why. My wife and I moved back to Virginia from California because of my mother being sick so we could spend time with family before she passed. It was kind of expected, but things really moved fast in the end....

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  • 20161215
    Hey there everybody. It has been a while since I have graced the 'casuals' with my presence. Very Happy I just wanted to drop by and let you guys know that I miss you all and wish we could get together more. I am sure you guys all get together, I just mean I wish I could join you more. Unfortunately, I am working a lot. We need to pay off the move - who'd a thought that moving cross country is so expensive - and my wife is working on starting her own business, so that has it's pros and cons.

    Anyway, all...

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  • 20160824
    So packing and getting everything set up for the cross country move has been taking time away from my ability to be online as much as I want, but I still have my streak alive. Hopefully I have enough easy achievements on my laptop to keep that going. This will probably be my last blog entry on the west coast so the next time you hear from me we will be in Virginia.

    Recently I've been playing Prominence Poker. I've never been a big online poker player, but this seems fun. It's free and the achievements are doable, so what's not to like? I also downloaded and played the tech test for Titanfall...

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  • 20160810
    Over the last month we've had a couple visitors staying with us in California. For the first three weeks or so my mother-in-law visited and the day she left my son came a visited for a week. Now, I love family, and I'm all for family first, but there is a little part of me that is glad to have back our home to ourselves. Since I'm a bit of a night owl I tend to be online during the night and wee hours of the morning. Well, it's tough to game when your mother-in-law is sleeping on the couch. Now that everybody is gone I'm going back to basics.

    I haven't looked at my teeny list this month,...

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  • 20160721
    So, a couple weeks ago I dove in and participated in this year's Bean Dive over on TA. If you're unfamiliar with the concept of a Bean Dive let me explain. Essentially, you take all those games on your back log and play them until you unlock one, and only one, achievement. The object is to get those games recorded in your stats. It adds them to your stats and tanks your completion percentage at the same time. I'm not one to boast of my completion percentage, but I did have over 50% completed. After the dive I sat at just over 42% completion. I Bean Dived 90 games and need over 1600 achievements...

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  • 20160630
    So next week is the annual TA Bean Dive. I have yet to participate in this event, but I'm thinking I might this year. See, I usually didn't join in the fun because I only had maybe half a dozen games I hadn't started in my possession. This year, thanks to the Games with Gold program, I have quite a few games I can "dive" and not feel like it is a wasted thing. I think for it to not be a wasted event a gamer should "dive" at least 20 games. I'm thinking I have that many on my backlog. Here's what I can find in esoteric order:

    1. Defense Grid 2
    2. Goat...

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  • 20160616
    So as you probably already know, I spent the last couple days hopping the trains and heading into Los Angeles for some E3 action courtesy of Xbox. I have posted a couple pics and thoughts about things, but now that it is over (for me anyway) and the afterglow has faded, I can finally sit down and put thoughts down on what I saw and the whole experience in general.

    Last week I was doing some interwebs browsing and started doing research into going to some of the E3 events open to the public (Bethesda, EA, and so on) and I came across an advert on about some Xbox Fan Fest thing....

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