Gears of War 3: I've Done It All

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Gears of War 3: I've Done It All

  • Secret Service - Most leader rescues in a match. Set up a private CTL match and make sure you're the one who rescues your leader most of the times in a match (or as soon as you get one rescue, quickly end the match).
  • Eye on the Prize - Most points earned inside the ring in a match. Just stay inside the ring all the time. Every second that goes by while you are inside is counting towards this ribbon.
  • Unlucky Bastard - Be the only player on you team to die in a round.
  • Vigilant - Win a match with 10+ kills and 0 deaths.
  • High ROI - Kill 5 enemies with a weapon you purchased.
  • Dewormer - Kill 3 Lambent Headsnakes. Make sure to shoot the Drudge in the stomach first so the Headsnake doesn't die immediately. Read note number 3 in the beginning of the guide.
  • Pruner - Sever 5 Lambent mutant arms. Read note number 3 in the beginning of the guide.
  • Pig Sticker - Retro charge 4 formers in one charge. Load a chapter with formers (Act 3, Chapter 5), pick up a Retro Lancer in the starting room and charge (hold B).



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