Mid-July 2016 Update

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Mid-July 2016 Update

Post by JohnPicklewilly on Fri Jul 15, 2016 8:25 pm

This has been a very busy month for me in regards to gaming.  I decided that I wanted to get all my games on my card so that my TA stats would be more accurate.  I therefore commenced a Bean Dive.  When I started my dive, I thought it would include 45 games.  Since I started my dive, I discovered my records weren't completely accurate.  I ended up doing a complete inventory audit of all my games.  I found that I had some games that I didn't include in my inventory.  I also found there was one game I had achievements for but I didn't have the game.  Then I remembered I borrowed the game from a friend and have since sent it back to him.  However, Gamestop was kind enough to send me a copy of the game for a few bucks.   Here is how my Bean Dive looks so far:

I have 11 more games to dive for a total of 55.  I will then have all my games on my card.  I will then need to update my games list for the Teeny Weeny Challenge.

Here is the summary of my gaming activity so far this month:

My backlog increased this month.  I actually added a couple of the Games With Gold games.  I also purchased a game.  I also added some games due to my inventory audit. Sadly, my backlog is getting larger instead of smaller.  I added Estimated Completion Date and Estimated Age at Completion to hopefully inspire me to work a little harder at shrinking the backlog.

Happy gaming folks!



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Re: Mid-July 2016 Update

Post by Ms Dudette on Tue Jul 19, 2016 7:53 pm

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always like reading these updates
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