CSGeekSquad's To-Do List (August 2016)

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CSGeekSquad's To-Do List (August 2016)

Post by JohnPicklewilly on Mon Jul 25, 2016 4:12 pm

Below is a list of your achievements for August 1st.

Reminder: Do not start until August 1st.  Good luck!

If there is a game that you no longer have or there is an error... let me know.

Game 1.. RAGE
Achievement: Wellness Plan
Description: Complete The Well in the Campaign

Game 2.. Battle Ages
Achievement: Run the Gauntlet
Description: Achieve 60 stars in the the campaign

Game 3.. Flowerz (Windows Phone)
Achievement: Green Thumb
Description: Reach level 20 in a single game of Standard or Expert mode.

Game 4.. Bejeweled 2
Achievement: Endless Mode
Description: Awarded for completion of 280 levels

Game 5.. Rare Replay
Achievement: Child of the 90s
Description: Complete all of the Battletoads snapshots.



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Re: CSGeekSquad's To-Do List (August 2016)

Post by CSGeekSquad on Tue Aug 30, 2016 5:12 pm

Didn't pop any of them.
1) Had to start a new game, got stuck w/ no ammo on the level before The Well

2) I'm halfway through the Egyptian level with around 20-something stars

3) Highest I got to was level 18

4) So. Much. Bejeweled. I'm somewhere in the 60s

5) Couldn't do 1 of them, tried many times.

Better luck next month I guess.


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