Have I hit bottom yet?

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Have I hit bottom yet?

Post by kbeau73 on Wed Jul 27, 2016 9:47 am

I was supposed to take part in the Tuesday Night Boosting Club session last night but my stomach had other ideas. Seems like that one is going to be a grind so I'm not too worried to be honest. I did get on a little later because I couldn't sleep and was able to dive a couple more games. I did a really quick count and I think I've got close to 40 games I still have to dive. I'm getting a little ansy because I was to start recovering from the dive as soon as possible. I haven't decided how I'm going to attempt that feat but I may start with the low hanging fruit first. Games like Pac Man, Frogger, Beyond Eyes, Stick It To The Man etc etc... plus it'll help get my gamerscore up there. I think I'm just shy of 7000 gs needed for 200k.

It's looking like I'll actually be able to take part in the Friday night session. The weather is showing about a 90% chance of rain so I think it's going to be cancelled or rescheduled. I'll know more by tomorrow morning though. Apparently the hosts said they would decide by Thursday morning. I would say if the weather holds up, I'll be there.

That brings me to my next line of business... next week my wife is going to a Christian concert with the Youth Group on Friday and Saturday night which means there is going to be a LOT of gaming time for me. Smile I was thinking about having some friends over on Friday night but we'll see how that goes. I also thought about signing up for any and all sessions or making some up for this time period. My wife is excited so I think it'll be good for her to get away. I think they went last year to a concert as well because I believe I worked on Army of Two: 40th Day during that time.

Anyway, I should be on later this evening if anyone is up for anything. If not, I'll continue working on my Bean Dive. I really just want to get this one done.

Always looking to boost and/or play co-op so if you've got a game in mind, send me a message and I'll let you know if I've got it and would like to boost.

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