July 2016 Update

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July 2016 Update

Post by JohnPicklewilly on Mon Aug 01, 2016 2:53 pm

July was a very productive month for me.  I finished my Bean Dive a few days ago.  I'm happy to say ALL my games are now on my card and included in my stats.  Here is the results of my Bean Dive:

I completed four of the assigned achievements for the Teeny Weeny Challenge for last month.  One of the achievements drawn was for the game Outlast.  It is a VERY scary stealth game.  I tried to play that game and failed miserably.  I suck at stealth games.  And that game made me a nervous wreck.  I hope it doesn't get drawn again in the near future.  Here are the achievements I'll be working on in August for the Teeny Weeny Challenge:

I'm really enjoying the challenge because it gets me to play games I haven't played in months or years.  It also whittles away at my backlog.  

I also started an achievement streak challenge.  I'm trying to get to 100 consecutive days of unlocking achievements.  My prior record was 21 days.  I'm currently at 28 days.  My plan is to play through the Telltale games a little each day.  Those games are easy and it doesn't take long to unlock an achievement.

Because of my Bean Dive and streak challenge, I played a lot of games and unlocked several achievements last month.  Here is a summary of my activity:

My backlog grew a bit this month due to me finding some games on my shelf and hard drive that I hadn't included previously.  I also bought another game or two.   No   I plan to download one of the Games With Gold this next month also.  Good grief!  Here's my backlog as it stands right now:

Happy gaming folks!



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