Mid-October 2016

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Mid-October 2016

Post by JohnPicklewilly on Wed Oct 19, 2016 9:20 am

I've been having a good bit of fun gaming so far this month!  @kbeau73 and I have been playing through the Gears of War Ultimate Edition campaign.  The story is familiar, but the graphics are gorgeous.  When I'm gaming alone, I'm playing South Park Stick of Truth.  It is a somewhat open world game with turn-based combat.  It contains a lot of humor typical to South Park . . . irreverent and very funny!  I'm playing both of these games because of the Annual To Do List Challenge.  @kbeau73's list contained an achievement for GoW Ultimate Edition.  Mine contained an achievement for South Park Stick of Truth.  I've completed four achievements of the 100 achievements on my to do list.  I still have a long way to go.  

My achievement streak is still going . . . purely by luck!  I was very ill on Saturday.  I had to go to bed and remained there all day long.  I remember waking up at some point and thinking that I needed to unlock an achievement for my streak.  I decided that I had hit my goal of 100 days and that I didn't care that my streak would end.  I felt a bit better on Sunday and decided to play for a bit.  I unlocked some achievements.  When checking my stats, I discovered my streak was still going.  I then remembered I played for a bit after our Gears of War session on Friday night.  I unlocked some achievements after midnight.  Woot!  My streak now stands at 369 achievements in 107 days.

Here is my activity thus far for October:

My backlog continues to grow.  Embarassed EA added some games to the vault.  I therefore added some of them to my backlog.  I also purchased a couple Windows 10 games as well as downloading a couple free games on Windows.  I think I'm going to be working on my backlog in the hereafter!  Here's the stats for my backlog:

Happy gaming!



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