October 2016

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October 2016

I had a lot of fun gaming in October.  @kbeau73 and I completed the campaign in Gears of War Ultimate Edition on Normal difficulty.  The graphics in that game are awesome.  We each picked up an achievement we needed for our Annual To Do List.  I completed the South Park The Stick of Truth game.  I'm a fan of the show.  The game provided several laugh out loud moments.  I picked up another achievement for my To Do List from that game as well.  I completed another season of Minecraft Story Mode as well.  I've been going through that game to unlock an achievement every day to keep my streak going.  My streak is currently 121 days.  I plan to keep it going as long as is practical.  I found all the orbs in Crackdown!  That was a bit tedious.  But I'm glad it's done.  Here is my summary for October:

I picked up a few more games in the past couple of weeks.  I added another ten months to my backlog in October.  Holy cow!  This must stop!  I would REALLY like to see my backlog decrease for a change.  I am going to try to limit adding any games to my collection to those that are on my wish list (if they're on sale) and Games for Gold that I would like to play.  It's good to have goals, eh?  Here are my stats:

This month I'm going to start playing Dungeon Siege III during our Monday night game sessions.  I'm also going to start playing Saints Row Gat Out of Hell with @kbeau73.  I absolutely love playing co-op, so that should be quite fun.  I also plan to keep my streak going.  I want to try and knock some of the achievements off of my Annual To Do List as well.  I've got a couple weeks off from work this month.  I'm hoping to get some extra gaming time in to whittle away at my backlog.

Happy gaming!



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October 2016 :: Comments


Post on Wed Nov 02, 2016 11:35 am by kbeau73

Awesome man! Gears of War Ultimate Edition was a blast. It's a very, very pretty game. I'm looking forward to Saints Row Gat Out Of Hell and Dungeon Siege III. I'm pretty sure we're going to have a blase with all of the games you mentioned. I don't even want to think how old I would be if I was able to knock of all the games on my backlog.

Speaking of backlogs... are there games on your backlog that can't be completed due to unobtainable achievements? That could make your EAoC a little lower. :p

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Post on Wed Nov 02, 2016 12:15 pm by JohnPicklewilly

@kbeau73 wrote:Speaking of backlogs... are there games on your backlog that can't be completed due to unobtainable achievements? That could make your EAoC a little lower. :p

I'm not sure if unobtainable achievements are included.  I pull these stats from the My Game Collection on TA.  I will pick a game that has unobtainable achievements and see how it's represented in My Game Collection.  Another scary thought is that I don't know if these stats include DLC that I own.  If it doesn't, my backlog may have just gotten much larger.  affraid   I will check both of these out so that I can more accurately report my backlog.

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Post on Wed Nov 02, 2016 1:20 pm by JohnPicklewilly

I took a look at my backlog estimated completion calculation.  It is a SWAG calculation.  For those that are unfamiliar with SWAG, it's a statistical term that stands for Some Wild A$$ Guess.  Very Happy  My calculation is as follows:  Number of incomplete games times 21 days times remaining completion percentage for all the incomplete games.  I'm estimating an average 21 days or three weeks to complete a game.  Because calculation is based on games and not achievements, it doesn't take unobtainable or DLC achievements into consideration.

I did, however, find one game in my backlog where all the remaining achievements are unobtainable.  I flagged that game as "Done With" thereby removing it and all achievements associated with it from my backlog.  So, thank you, @kbeau73, for bringing this to my attention.  My backlog has already decreased!

I'm on a mission this month to decrease my backlog instead of increasing it.  Fortunately, I already own the Games with Gold for this month that I'm interested in.  It also helps that the sale for this week is uninteresting.

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Post on Wed Nov 02, 2016 1:55 pm by kbeau73

Personally I think you should queue up all games and then cancel it out because in a case like Dungeon Siege III.. you would've had it as part of the GwG promotion and wouldn't have had to buy it for $7. :p

But you are welcome! It's a good thing when the backlog decreases. I'm thinking that is why I'm going to just focus on other achievements on my list because I'll be whittling down on my backlog which quite honestly was why I wanted to get this competition on this site anyway!

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