Mid-November 2016

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Mid-November 2016

Post by JohnPicklewilly on Fri Nov 18, 2016 2:51 pm

I've focused on a few games so far this month.  I played through the Medal of Honor campaign.  There were a couple achievements from that game on my To Do List.  I knocked those off and completed the campaign because I was having too much fun to stop.  Very Happy   I played some Band Hero to unlock a couple more achievements on my To Do List.  I love the music games and hope to get a CGC band going pretty soon.  I've been playing Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell with @kbeau73.  This game reminds me alot of Crackdown.  There's so much to do, so many items to collect and a ton of fun to be had.  I will likely complete this game on my own.  I've also been playing Valiant Hearts.  This game would be more fun if there weren't collectibles.  Figuring out the puzzles and trying to determine how to progress is challenging and fun.  Sadly, though, there are over a hundred collectibles in this relatively short game.  Therefore, I'm using a guide to get through the game and find all the collectibles.  That takes some of the fun out of it, in my opinion.  My achievement streak continues.  I unlocked 520 achievements in 137 days.  Here's my summary for November thus far:

I added a few games to my backlog due to sales and Games With Gold (and because there is not yet a twelve step program for hoarding games).  Unfortunately, I have not yet completed any games this month.  I did, however, knock one game off my list because all of the remaining achievements were unobtainable.  Here are my current stats:

Happy Gaming!



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