James' state of his Xbox address. (A-F currently)

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James' state of his Xbox address. (A-F currently)

Post by ShadowsofSatan on Sun Nov 27, 2016 3:46 pm

This will be an updated list of my current backlog. For now I am going to only include games that are currently installed on my Xbox One or attached external HDD's.

Prototype X1 edition - Not started.
Prototype 2 X1 edition - Completed on normal just needs a clean up on hard mode.
7 days to die - Its a grind and its shit. Not top of my list.
A boy and his blob - Bean dived
Active Soccer 2D X - Roughly 20 games left to complete. 3 hours tops.
AIPD - A couple of hard(ish) achievements left. Skill based but could be completed in about an hour.
Airmech Arena - Hit level 20 but the grind to 30 is ridiculous. Need 3 boosting partners for one achievement.
Albedo - Not started.
Another World - Something went wrong in my playthrough and it is now 10x harder to complete. Need to start again really.....maybe later.
Arcade Dig Dug/galaga/pacman - A few achievements left in each. They do not play well and are rather frustrating.
Ark - 400 hours played....no achievements yet. Looking forward to when they arrive.
ACC China - Bean dived
AC Unity - Bean dived
AC IV Black Flag - Bean Dived
AC Syndicate - End game mop up.
Azkend 2 - Is a ****
Badland - See above
Banjo Kazooie N&B - Awful awful awful
Banjo Kazooie - Need to grab a guide sit down and complete this.
Banjo Tooie - and this
Banner Saga 2 - GWG
Baseball Riot - Halfway through
Batman TT - Episode 1 free.
Battle Islands - Regret starting this.
Battleborn - Need boosting partners.
Battlefield 4 - SP and most DLC
Battlefield 1 - Played nothing but MP so far...superb game.
Battlefield Hardline - 40k kills and some SP.
Battleship - Boring vs AI achievements.
Battle Worlds Kronos - Not started.
Beach Buggy Racing - Rubber banding AI irritated me. Need to get back to it.
Bedlam - This game is still the only game to completely freeze my XB1. No rush to get back to it.
Bejeweled 2/3 - Too time consuming to be honest but I do enjoy sticking it on now and again.
Beyond Good & Evil - GWG
Bioshock X1 - Should
Bioshock 2 X1- Be
Bioshock Infinite X1- Awesome
Blast em Bunnies - Just the last few grindy achievements.
Blue Estate - Bean Dived
Boggle - GRIND
Boom Ball - RIP Kinect
Borderlands 2 - Second playthrough
Borderlands The Pre-sequel - Not started properly
Brick Breaker - See azkend (and think of a much harsher word)
Bridge Constructor - A few left.....its rather boring
Brothers - Not started
COD BO3 - Only really played MP and zombies
COD IW - Not started
COD MWRM - First mission
Cannon Brawl - Not started
Carmageddon - Completed most of the game but the achievements are a grind.
Castle Crashers RM - Have legacy characters but not really played it much
Castle Crashers - Mop up achievements.
Castle Invasion Throne Out - 33% through.
Castles - Quite difficult
Castlestorm DE - Just need to do hard mode.
Chariot - Need boosting partner
Child of Light - Stopped playing halfway though...no idea why. May start again.
Clusterpuck 99 - Hardest achievements unlocked. Just grinding now.
Crimson Dragon - Not really played much at all.
Crimsonland - Struggling on to complete harder difficulties.
D4 - Bean dived
Dangerous Golf - Load times are atrocious.
Dead Island DE - Bean dived
Dead Island RR - Played once and in no rush to play again
Dead Island Riptide DE- Not started
Defense Grid - Bean dived
Destiny - Raid stuff. Titan and Hunter class. DLC.
Don't Starve GE - Not started
Doom (XBLA) Bean dived
Doom - Another game that I made it half way through the story, started playing MP, enjoyed MP and never went back to the story.
Doom 2 - Bean dived
DG Euro Fishing - Grinding my way up to the good rods.
Draw a stickman - Chop down trees.
Dungeon of the endless - Difficult. Need co-op helper.
Dying Light - Playing through SP but willing to play it co-op.
Dynamite Fishing World Games - Ridiculous grind. Bloody indie developers.
DW8 Empires - A lot to do, guides are not great if I am honest.
Earthlock - GWG
Elite Dangerous - LOL
F1 2015 - Just played some mp.
Factotum 90 - Dull as dishwater.
Faery - Not started
Fallout 4 - My game bugged out badly. Will probably restart.
FarCry 3 Blood Dragon - Not started.
Farming Simulator 15 - Bean Dived
Feeding Frenzy 1/2 - Bean Dived
Fifa 16 - Ultimate Team achievements have put me off go for the completion.
Flockers - Only tried a few levels
Forced - Bean Dived
Fortified - Need people to boost with
FH2 - End game race grind
FH3 - A few misc ahievements and remaining championships.
Forza 5 - All the races plus online trading
Forza 6 - As above
Frozen - Level 120+ - Getting there
Full Mojo Rampage - Bean dived
Funk of Titans - Bean dived


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Re: James' state of his Xbox address. (A-F currently)

Post by kbeau73 on Mon Nov 28, 2016 3:49 pm

I wasn't aware that Chariot could be played MP, I thought it was just a couch co-op. There are some games on your list that I'd be available to help with.

Always looking to boost and/or play co-op so if you've got a game in mind, send me a message and I'll let you know if I've got it and would like to boost.

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