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    Post by kbeau73 on Tue Jan 24, 2017 2:39 pm

    I've been having a blast playing Minecraft with the group as well as Burnout Paradise. I'm not sure I'm looking for a completion in BP but I definitely am making some progress in my backlog with this game. The achievements I need don't seem to be all that bad or tough to obtain but not being all that great at racing games, this one could be a challenge. Last night I was able to knock out the 4 player challenge and the other night @mrtnmitchell & @JohnPicklewilly helped me finish off the 3 player ones. I've been doing some recruiting and have had some people offer to help (or take part in) our future sessions.

    Speaking of our sessions, I really like the way they have been going. I mean, we've gotten quite a crowd lately and I'm hoping that continues. I think one of the most important reasons for this is the game selection. I'll attempt to work hard trying to get games that the majority of us can play but it's tough. Another big reason is that we're not necessarily boosting, we're actually playing the games! And there is a huge difference in the two. I used to get pretty bored with Gears just because there wasn't much to it... stand here and get killed.. then we can switch! lol

    When I haven't been playing with the group, I've been attempting to knock off some of the easier completions on my list. I was able to knock off Beyond Eyes which was a really good game but no action. I just loved the art style and story. I won't go into any detail in case there are some people out there that have the game and/or are planning on buying it at some point. I've got some other easier ones lined up but my time lately has been with borrowed games.

    Speaking of the borrowed games... I've been working through Looney Tune ACME Arsenal and I'm basically done with that one except for the co-op stuff. I also jumped into Wanted: Weapons of Fate & SAW recently. Most of those games are part of the Viral Games from Achievement Hounds and the others are from Mitch.

    I set a goal of attempting to get about 50k in gamerscore this year which is a pretty reasonable rate. I used to average about 5k a month but that has gone way down since I've been focusing on my backlog a bit more. I also set a goal for myself on TA to become Top 20 in Connecticut for Gamerscore. I don't believe I have all that far to go... but still... it would be an accomplishment.

    Well, until next session or blog entry... peace out!

    Always looking to boost and/or play co-op so if you've got a game in mind, send me a message and I'll let you know if I've got it and would like to boost.

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