Take Me Down To Paradise City...

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Take Me Down To Paradise City...

So as you already must know, we've been working on Burnout Paradise for our Monday and Friday night sessions and have made pretty good success. I feel like we're getting to the end of whatever boosting might be done. I personally only need the online rivals as well as the 8 player specific achievements and then the rest is Single Player.

Speaking of single player I was a little overwhelmed when I saw I was going to need about 120 wins in races, road rages and other events but I've got to say... it hasn't been that bad so far. The other night I was on with @JohnPicklewilly and we were talking about our realistic expectations for how far we'd like to go with this game. I originally felt like 120 wins was going to take forever and since I stink at racing games, this would make it all that much harder. Last night I had some time to kill when the wife went to bed so I started doing some races using the Uberhall or whatever it's called and found the races to not be that bad. This vehicle has a lot of power and once you get the torque controlled, it's very forgiving when you fall behind in races. By the time I signed off last night, I have 65 wins remaining. Out of that 65, I still have a handful of Burning Routes, Races and then all Road Rage, Stunt Runs and Marked Men. Somehow I think this is going to be a bit easier than I expected. I'll most likely finish up the Burning Routes and Races, then move onto Road Rage (because they're a LOT of fun), then Stunt Runs and save the Marked Men for last because it's my least favorite. Now, I don't know how many events there are in comparison but it would seem like I wouldn't have to finish them all.

So here's going to be my goals for this game going forward...
Burning Routes
Road Rage
Stunt Runs
Marked Men
Time Road Rule
Showtime Road Rule

I actually think this is doable now and while I thought it was going to be a grind, it hasn't been that bad at all. I am definitely shooting for completion now.

What else have I been playing?

Wanted: Weapons of Fate - This is an ok game. It's not hard but I find myself only able to do a level or two prior to wanting to do something else. I'll shoot for getting some more playing time on this one but it's probably not too likely.

Castle Crashers - this is a fun game that I've enjoyed playing with @JohnPicklewilly but we don't play it all that much. Would love to eventually get this one knocked off. It's going to take some time though because there are some versus achievements in there.

Another World - this is basically a time waster. The graphics aren't good, the controls aren't overly good and I'll be glad to finish this one off one day. The good thing is that it should only take me an hour or two to fully complete.

Halo 3: ODST - played this one with Kjer and Vegeto one night and while it was fun, I'm not in any hurry to work on any MP stuff. I do however think I can get through the SP achievements pretty easily. Either that or find a group that is willing to work on it at a more casual rate.

Haven't really put any time into anything else... looking forward to next month when we'll be playing something new. Unfortunately because there were some achievements added in Minecraft, it might make sense to dive back into that but I think some of the achievements will require a new world which doesn't make me all that excited to work on again.

That is about all I've got for now... see you guys tonight.

Always looking to boost and/or play co-op so if you've got a game in mind, send me a message and I'll let you know if I've got it and would like to boost.

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Take Me Down To Paradise City... :: Comments


Post on Fri Mar 03, 2017 9:28 am by kbeau73

So last night I was able to knock off the few remaining stunt runs on Burnout Paradise and also found my last event and completed all the Burning Routes. The only thing left is finding the billboards, the Showtime Road Rules and 13 online Rivals... it's definitely looking like this is going to be a completion pretty soon. Hoping to finish it up over the weekend but who knows.

Haven't really touched Wanted: Weapons of Fate except to finish off the campaign. I've got to run through the campaign on Killer difficulty which doesn't seem all that tough and then it's mop up stuff.

Castle Crashers knocked off the campaign stuff and looks like we'll be working on some of the versus stuff a little at a time so our fingers don't fall off. :p

Another World... finished this one off and was glad to be done with it.

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