Mass Effect Andromeda or How Many People Can I Romance

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Mass Effect Andromeda or How Many People Can I Romance

I finished up Mass Effect Andromeda the other day after 100+ hours of playtime. I have to say it's nice to get into a Mass Effect game again, although we leave the old Milky Way behind and have a brand new galaxy to explore and shoot aliens in: Andromeda.

The basic premise is that the different races, Human, Turian, Salarian, etc., are looking to settle into another galaxy. There is really no concrete reason given for this mass exodus from the Milky Way, but hey, I'll play along. Before leaving the Milky Way several "Golden Worlds" were discovered and chosen to be the initial colonies for the different races. Every race has its very own "Ark" to traverse the dark space in between galaxies, which takes roughly 600 years. After the Arks are en route, everyone on board goes into cry-sleep and they're good to go.

Unfortunately, 600 years is a long time for shit to turn south and when the Arks reach their destinations everything isn't all hunky-dory like it was when they set out on this massive nap. Without spoiling anything, the protagonist has to shoot some aliens, befriend others, and save the galaxy, all while trying to seduce one of the many different romance options.

Yup, it wouldn't be a Mass Effect game if there weren't any sexy fun time. I believe there are seven different romance options for both female and male characters from both sides of the aisle. There is actually an achievement to romance three different people over all playthroughs, but it is possible to get this in a single playthrough. It makes for good character development and some of the scenes are quite touching.

The gameplay is awesome. Combat flows smoothly from gunfights, to powers, to melee combat. Where the game falters is in the cut scenes. The graphics are fine, but when the characters carry on conversations there are synch issues, choppy mouth movement, and annoying glitches. It wasn't enough for me to stop playing, but it can be rather annoying at times to see these during a rather intense or romantic scene.

All in all Mass Effect Andromeda is awesome. It is nice to step back into the universe again and it definitely sets up for another trilogy in this new galaxy. Two out of two galaxies.

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Mass Effect Andromeda or How Many People Can I Romance :: Comments


Post on Mon May 08, 2017 11:00 am by kbeau73

the Mass Effect series is one I just couldn't get into. I did watch some of your stream and it did look like fun so who knows. That being said I have to be honest and say that I made it through the campaign once on the first game and never felt the desire to play through it a couple more times. At some point I might go back but I've got enough "other" games that I'd like to work on first. Smile

I've heard from people how great the series is but honestly, I think it's just me and my quirky likes / dislikes. Maybe I'll give it another shot down the road but I doubt it. If anything I'd probably jump to Andromeda.

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Post on Mon May 08, 2017 11:14 am by FreakyRO

I get it. It took me forever to get into the first Mass Effect, but when I finally did I enjoyed it immensely. That being said, it easily took me two to three hours to get into it. I would definitely say that it is more of an RPG than your Skyrims or Fallouts. So much talking to everybody.

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