November 2017 Goals...

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November 2017 Goals...

I constantly struggle with setting goals and sticking to them in regards to my gaming. In the past I've created trackers that you would think would influence which games i play but guess what, it doesn't. I recently downloaded my game collection to my computer and thought I'd pick off the low hanging fruit first. I was able to knock a couple off but then it got tedious. Something has to change because I never really feel like I accomplished much on a monthly basis.

One example would be Rainbow Six: Vegas... I loved playing this game as a group. When we completed the multiplayer stuff and campaign mode I pretty much put this one back into storage which I believe is a mistake. I think I'm going to attempt working through the campaign on Realistic difficulty in order to knock off a bunch of the remaining achievements. I think I'm going to stick to 1 level / chapter per month as I don't want to get burned out. I'm going into this one thinking it's going to be very tough so if it happens that it's not as bad I I initially thought, I may attempt to do more.

I've also been playing through Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel with @JohnPicklewilly but I believe we really don't have all that much to do. I've been power leveling his Fragtrap the past couple of nights and after that I believe he's going to help me power level. We have the DLC we need to go through but otherwise we'll be working on challenges. Seeing as I love this game, this will probably consume most my time in November.

On Monday nights our community has been playing Halo 4 but we've pretty much finished off the campaign. I think we'll attempt some of the MP stuff this coming up Monday night but I'm not 100%. This is another game I've been enjoying and would like to work on but I don't want to take away from our sessions so this will most likely stick to just Monday evenings.

Friday night we've started up Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising and it's been fun! It's a pretty non forgiving shooter but we've been having a blast. Especially with my helicopter incident. This is another one that will most likely only be played with the community.

I'd also like to pick a game that I'd like to complete in the month from my backlog. I'm thinking this is where the low hanging fruit would be. For this month I think I'm going to pick a couple of games that shouldn't be too much of an issue knocking off this month. First off will be Pneuma: Breath of Life and the second will be Tales From The Borderlands seeing as it was a Games With Gold.

So to recap my goals for November...

Complete the level Border Town on Realistic Difficulty in Rainbow Six: Vegas (Chapters: Inbound, Trainyard, Mines and Escape)
Complete Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (non-DLC) (Level 1 challenges and level 25 Fragtrap)
Complete Pneuma: Breath of Life
Complete Tales From The Borderlands (Xbox One)

Doesn't seem an overly difficult list but I will only be working on these during non community session nights. Maybe next month if I blow these out of the water I'll expand my goals. I just don't want to set myself up to fail.

Always looking to boost and/or play co-op so if you've got a game in mind, send me a message and I'll let you know if I've got it and would like to boost.

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November 2017 Goals... :: Comments


Post on Fri Nov 03, 2017 1:35 pm by JohnPicklewilly

It's good to have goals! Very Happy I'll be happy to help you with any of the co-op and/or multiplayer achievements in R6V. It likely won't be for a month or two, though. So many games, so little time.

That DLC for Borderlands: The Pre Sequel is, in a word, horrid. It's very boring. I recommend we start it again in TVH mode. That would at least make it more challenging.

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Post on Fri Nov 03, 2017 1:47 pm by kbeau73

I think we're pretty much finished everything in RS:V in terms of the co-op and MP stuff. I've never been through the single player story so my goal will be to work on that when no one else is around.

As for the DLC... it's SOOOOO boring! I'm torn on if I'd rather play it in TVH mode or just normal and blow right through it. lol

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Post on Fri Nov 03, 2017 2:21 pm by JohnPicklewilly

@kbeau73 wrote:As for the DLC... it's SOOOOO boring! I'm torn on if I'd rather play it in TVH mode or just normal and blow right through it. lol

My sentiments also. Maybe we should just blow through it and be done with it. Neutral

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Post on Mon Nov 20, 2017 2:26 pm by kbeau73

So I wanted to add a quick little update here...

The non DLC Borderlands The Pre-Sequel stuff is done. I only have maybe 3-4 achievements left in the DLC.

Pneuma has been completed. I liked this game but I feel it was entirely too short.

Tales From The Borderlands I'm halfway through Episode 1 and I'm not sure I want to play through this entirely by the end of the month. I will more than likely do an Episode a Month rather than the completion.

All in all I'm pretty happy that I stuck to most of my goals. I really don't play single player stuff all that much anymore so I might have to tweak my goals for next month. Or create more goals but more section based.

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