Some housekeeping :)

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Some housekeeping :)

Post by kbeau73 on Wed Jan 31, 2018 10:09 am

In an attempt to clean some things up I've done the following...

- Created a forum for blogs rather than a specific menu. These weren't being used all that much so I don't really feel they warrant a menu.
- Deleted the Community Event Trouble Free Tuesday as this was something that was started but @JelliedBigfoot but he's not all that active anymore and these sessions haven't taken place in months.
- I'd like to move user backlogs to the User Blog space but I'm not totally sure if I want to move all of these. I think for now I'll leave it a personal choice. If you'd like to move them and need help, let me know. I think it's kind of cool for each user to have their own Forum where they can keep everything they want/need.

I'm sure I'll be updating this later but for now those are the main changes.

Always looking to boost and/or play co-op so if you've got a game in mind, send me a message and I'll let you know if I've got it and would like to boost.

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