Change of Plans March (2nd) update

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Change of Plans March (2nd) update

Post by mortioccini on Mon Mar 26, 2018 4:21 pm

Due to some current events I've had to change up a few plans. I didn't have access to my game collection cause I was staying at a friends. Long story short, friend, roommate and myself couldn't afford the raise in the rent, so we all went back to our natural habitats. . So it may be awhile before I can get constant internet access again. I'm hoping the beginning of June.

Finish -- Nier -- (next) --The Witcher 2 <---- This hasn't changed
Working On -- Minecraft xbox 360e -- (next) --Mass Effect
Complete -- Dishonored --(next) --Borderlands
MP/online -- n/a --(next) --na

Finish - to finish the main campaign.
Working On - games I have less than half the ta/gs in aka 345/1000 (not including DLC unless I own it) or still need to do multiple play-throughs for collectibles, level ups, difficulty setting etc.
Complete - to get all achievements in.
MP/online - Multiplayer/online Achievements.                                                                      

I plan on updating at least twice a month. The beginning of each month, and each time a status changes. Thanks for reading, Peace!!![rock]

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