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    Ahoy Matey.....


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    Ahoy Matey.....

    Post by kbeau73 on Wed Jun 27, 2018 2:45 pm

    So I had been working on Monthly goals and was doing pretty good and then Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag happened. lol I really enjoyed the heck out of this game and with some advice from @Malagizmo and some assistance (quite a bit) from @Plinking22 I was able to knock off everything but the MP stuff. I'm currently sitting at level 48 I believe it was (you need to get to 55) and I've been playing daily so if anyone sees me online and would like to give it a go, the more the merrier I always say! I've got 2 achievements for the base game completion. After I obtain those I will be putting this one on the back burner for a DLC purchase at a later day. (probably if it goes on sale at some point)

    I've also jumped into Life Is Strange and I've been following a walkthrough but I think this one is one I would've enjoyed had I just played the game instead of following a walkthrough. It's been a good story although I believe episode 4 ramped things up a bit. I won't go into detail because some of you might not have played it yet. It's a good one though.

    I also continue to work on NHL 15, I've only a couple of achievements left but they're more luck based than anything else. I do have a friend I plan on working on a tough HUT achievement but that all depends on if I get to that I don't give a crap moment. I have 4 remaining achievements so we'll see.

    Also, I'm wondering if anyone has Battleblock Theater and wants to give that a go? The early levels aren't so bad but once you get to the end levels, it can become quite annoying.

    Other than that, I've been playing Sniper Elite 3 with @JohnPicklewilly and it's been a blast. I'm really enjoying it. We've completed the co-op campaign and have gone back to get all the collectables. Once we're done with that, it'll be the hardest difficulty we'll attempt followed by DLC. I believe there are some MP achievements so if anyone has this and wants to boost, let us know.

    Gonna wrap this up for now but I think I'm going to attempt to update this more often. Smile

    Always looking to boost and/or play co-op so if you've got a game in mind, send me a message and I'll let you know if I've got it and would like to boost.

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