Life Is Strange or The Butterfly Effect

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Life Is Strange or The Butterfly Effect

Post by FreakyRO on Wed May 18, 2016 3:30 pm

So I finished up The Butterfly Effect Life Is Strange this week. It's not a very difficult game. The game is there more to tell a story than to actually be a game. Very similar to The Walking Dead series or any other Telltale game. Just like The Walking Dead, I highly enjoyed this game, BUT there are exactly two things/events that happen towards the end of episode 4 and 5 that seem a little bit of a cop out to me.

The first one is the reveal of the villain.
Spoiler alert:
I understand twists and surprises, but to just randomly pull Mr. Jefferson out of a hat, with no clues or anything pointing to him kind of shows laziness to me. There was no kind of build up to him even possibly being behind everything. It was a twist, but not that good kind of twist.

The second is the mother effing cop out of an ending. Let me just say that if you have seen The Butterfly Effect, starring Ashton Kutcher, then you know the ending to this game as well; although, you can choose between a selfish and a selfless ending. Not much else to say about it. Easy completion, great story, lazy ending. All in all I give it two senior proms and a rave in the woods.

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