And the beat goes on...

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And the beat goes on...

Some ideas I have thrown out there are really starting to materialize and it's getting exciting. I think a friendly competition would be a pretty good thing. Plus it gives some people bragging rights. Smile Needless to say, they can be somewhat time consuming at times.

During the above process I downloaded my game collection via TA and well, it's a lot worse than I thought. I've basically got 250+ backlogged games. I really want to start working on my backlog more... making it more of a priority. I've been a part of viral games on Achievement Hounds and while it's been fun, I tend to get overloaded with games. As of right now, I have 2 games that I want to get rid of because I've finished them, 1 in progress and 1 received yesterday. I think I've also got another one on the way and it's starting to feel a bit overwhelming. I'm going to message Kez tonight and just say that once I get everything coming that was assigned to me, I'd like to be put on hold for a bit. Plus with us setting up the Gamers eXchange... I'd like to use that more often than I have been. Much of the reasons stated above were the reasons I decided to cancel my Gamefly subscription... that and really, do I need anymore games to play. lol

I've thought about assigning myself like 5 games and just work on those until I'm done but the problem being is that I enjoy playing our sessions so I'd hate to have that interfere and I don't have THAT much free gaming time. lol However, I have thought about doing a night for Backlog Specific games. Like, Tuesday night will be Backlog night and we can get some suggestions from Tuesday night participants to see what we could work on. It's possible we could have 2 separate games going on but that will be once our Far Cry 2 sessions are done. I feel we're close but still have a ways to go and I don't really want to commit to a session on another night. Perhaps I'll do a Throwback Thursday and just relate it to backlogged games. Still throwing ideas up against a wall to see what sticks. lol

Onto some recent gaming... I've been playing Prototype 2 and while I initially thought this was a game that I wasn't going to enjoy playing, I've been dead wrong. It reminds me a TON of Crackdown and I loved that game. From what I've read it's a pretty easy completion but there are some collectibles but they're very easy to find. I'm only about 40% through the story but it's going rather quick. I also finished up Tornado Outbreak last week and that took a LOT of patience and replaying levels. It wasn't specifically hard but there were some levels I had to replay like 20 times because I missed some collectibles. Over the weekend I played some Lego Batman 3 too... my wife and I basically did all the campaign stuff so I'm just doing races, collecting character tokens and doing some of the side quest stuff. I'm at about 80% so it shouldn't take too long to complete. I'll be playing DreamWorks Super Kart racing with Trevor tonight and we'll work towards a completion but I don't think I'll be putting a lot of single player time into it.

I've got my sights set on 200k gamerscore and I'm not that far off but I've slowed off my pace from last year. I'm thinking a lot of it is due to the sessions but it's ok because I love the sessions and we've been working on some pretty grindy things.

As always peeps, I love playing with you guys and look forward to it nightly. Seriously, if you see me on and want to play something... send me a message. I'll probaby do the same but I don't want to disturb anyone. :p

Always looking to boost and/or play co-op so if you've got a game in mind, send me a message and I'll let you know if I've got it and would like to boost.

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Post on Tue May 10, 2016 3:58 pm by techjedi

I have always been on the lookout for a good Kart racing title, where good means that my wife and kids would enjoy it. I really enjoyed the demo of Blur (by Bizarre Creations), which was a kart-style racer, but with more realistic vehicles and tracks -- but the more cartoon-y looking ones I would consider more family-oriented.

That said, since we picked up Disney Infinity 3.0 for the kids, we also gave them the Toy Box Speedway add-on. That is a great kart-racer game, and the nice thing is that as you unlock other vehicles for use in the Toy Box, you can also race with many of them.

I like the idea of Throwback Thursday (not that I'd always be able to partake)... might be interesting to have people playing different games, but being in a party chat to socialize while playing different things.

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Post on Tue May 10, 2016 4:13 pm by kbeau73

I'm thinking that perhaps the Throwback Thursday can be moved to another day. Maybe even alternating with a Monday or Friday night session. My initial idea was to work on a new thing for Tuesday nights but the idea of throwing some Red Dead on a Friday or Monday sounded like it would break up the repetitiveness. Instead of Red Dead we could always do something else.

I think we should pull through the Gears 2 Monday thing and then maybe switch it up. Maybe call it Mix Up Monday?

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